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When Kea finds that her bad luck with boys isn't a 'what' but a 'who', will her sanity survive the IN-sanity that ensues?
PG-13 Currently Updates Organically Due To School Time

News and Updates

Latest Comic
Devil's Cake
When Kea finds that her bad luck with boys isn't a 'what' but a 'who', will her sanity survive the IN-sanity that ensues?
PG-13 Currently Updates Organically Due To School Time

Devil's Cake returns May 24th!

!!!!!!!May 24th Devil's Cake will begin 1 page updates once a week again!!!!!!!

The time between now and then will be spent on a few revisions, a face lift for the site's artwork/banner image, building a buffer of pages, a Patreon, and submission to Hiveworks! Whoa!

All this is being built in a careful manner to make the most manageable workload for the long run. I would like to finish Devil's Cake and post more of my comics from hereafter<3

So! Patreon matters: after a lengthy discussion on the twitterervers and some research, these proposed subscriber tiers have been compiled (prices may be subject to change due to Patreon's fees) Your feedback on the following would be greatly appreciated!


Messenger Bird tier: 1$
Sincerest gratitude for your tender treatment of our gentle love. We remain, always, your eternal slave. Offering holy gouda cheese at every affable moment, and strictly refraining from relentlessly stalking you out of sheer obsession, you beautiful human being, you.
New subscribers enjoy a welcome gift of one Devil’s Cake Wallpaper to adorn their desktop.~ <3

Zoshi tier: 2$ (LOCKED*)
*An extra 200$ per month required.
The above unlocked+
A new, lush, colored Devil’s Cake themed wallpaper every month to adorn your desktop and portable devices.

Constant Kea tier: 5$
All unlocked tiers above+
PDFs of Process & inked Comic page preview images! Random Doodles and also bonus comics that go exclusively into the books when print time rolls around for Book 4!

Koshi personal tutor tier: 10$ (LOCKED*)
*4 subscribers required.
All unlocked above +
Angeline streams current Devil’s Cake work to subscribers while answering sequential art questions and demonstrating techniques.

All subscribers get 1st dibs on Devil’s Cake signed preorders!


Let me know any preferences on this, and other matters.

Thank you for your support and patience and I look forward to rejoining you with Devil's Cake!!!


Status Update

It came to my attention yesterday that the 'Books" link in the menu was not working correctly. It has been mended now! Please let me know anything else amiss with the site.

Just finishing classes now. Portfolio pre will be happening for school between now and graduation show in May.

Devil's Cake:
Work commences on the Devil's Cake relaunch this week. And as I schedule this and the other, I will get a hard date for the relaunch (now looking like May, after graduation show.) posted here.

I have a lot of overhauls planned for the site, I'll do what I can do before now and then.

Amongst those plans are those for a Patreon. and a proper header for the well as cleaning house enough to submit this comic to Hiveworks. Will give it our best go, eh?

Let me know any suggestions for the site relaunch<3

I'll report back here with the relaunch date as soon as I have it!

ANOTHER Pause in the story

I was afraid something like this might happen, and so it has:

Devil’s Cake updates won’t be able to happen again until November-December due to the sudden urgent need for a new abode, the impending move, and school all the while.
(Translation: I suddenly have to find an apartment and move by halloween @_@;)

Very sorry for the break in story, and thank you sincerely for your patience.



“If you enjoy this comic, please consider making a Donation. Thank for your Support!”

Donations box is back up!

It is supported by CASH, Cash is apart of Square, inc. What is Square, inc.? Well, you know the little card readers artists have you pay with at conventions? and the Tablet register the Boba Tea shop uses for customers to pay? THOSE are Square<3 They are amazing! They only take 1.5% from business transactions and CASH transfers between friends are always free! Can you dig it?
And they are MORE secure than PayPal (in my opinion)

Trying to get away from Paypal’s convoluted practices X(.

Why don’t I have a Patreon yet, you ask? I will, I plan to try and set it up the Spring/Summer of 2016, after I complete my crazy school schedule. I want to be able to make regular updates, and maybe… thinking… Monthly Wallpaper Art for subscribers? G+ Hangouts, too? You let me know. We have months to decide what kind of Subscriber bonuses/exclusives would be manageable for me, and worth the investment to you<3

SO! If you enjoy Devil’s Cake, please consider making a donation, every little bit helps. Just affording the art supplies for the comic to balance my budget is stuper helpful (stupid+super= Stuper), and that’s like…. $5 cumulative a month at the pace of Devil’s Cake’s supply consumption! An Easy Goal!

Thank you for your support! Nothing better than to have your work acknowledged by such amazing and intelligent fellow creators and readers<3 Love you guys!!!!

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